Our services

We provide a full range of services for communal heating, tackling every issue from the plant room to the Boardroom. Whether its customer complaints, compliance, technical or financial issues, Chirpy can help. We can look at individual schemes or an entire portfolio, we can review all aspects of schemes or start with the issues that are causing you the most problems. We can also provide a full monitoring and data system for your schemes that will put you in charge of all your heat networks. Through your own data dashboard you will get all the information needed to give you and your contractors confidence in how your schemes are performing.




Plant room and system assessment



Overall scheme efficiency rating


Health and safety review

Pipework and HIU assessment


Full system checks and analysis


Scheme monitoring and data


Issue identification, action planning and option appraisal


Scheme assessment and upgrades


New build specification development, procurement and commissioning


Training & upskilling of current heating repairs contractors



Metering and billing review, assessment and procurement



Tariff review and setting


Maintenance and repair provider reviews, standard and SLA setting plus procurement.


Full customer service delivering including customer communications, complaint process, communication materials


Regulation compliance assurance 

Internal engagement and communications


Unique monitoring and data service to manage heat networks

Training on all heat network elements including technical, metering and billing, tariffs and strategy.


Training to tackle specific issues or to develop a strategic approach.


Ready made training programmes to deliver quick results.


Bespoke training courses to deliver on range of issues and audiences. 








Tariff review, setting and compliance




Metering and billing reviews including structure and cost, supplier assessment and full procurement services


Scheme financial review and action planning


Internal engagement and strategy development.


Addressing scheme and customer debt




Customer service development and roll out



Customer complaint processes – review and development



Customer communication strategy, development of materials, customer engagement


New tenant and scheme communications materials

Call centre training



Compliance check including metering, billing, tariffs and legislation


Preparing for upcoming compliance changes


Metering and billing review, specification and KPI setting, full procurement services


Portfolio reporting requirements


Reporting portfolio completion


Internal engagement


Health and safety reviews


Current and future legislation

Chirpy has been developed directly from the hands-on experience of social landlords. We understand the problems – and the solutions – because we have had to tackle them ourselves. The result is that we understand the issues from your perspective and come up with solutions that deliver for you and your customers.