Heat network finances are not easy, but are also the only part of the system that is currently regulated.


Charging the right amount to deliver affordable heating and hot water and at the same time as ensuring that schemes are viable for the long term is a real challenge that many struggle with.


Using our years of experience in assessing scheme finances and setting tariffs that work for landlords and customers that deliver compliant metering and billing we can help make heat network finances work for you, your customers and regulator.



Charging the right amount in the right way for customers and schemes

The Issues

Scheme debt

Scheme not covering current running costs.

No funding for investments of upgrades

Tariffs do not reflect the real costs of he system.

Late or inaccurate bills

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Tariff review, setting and compliance


Metering and billing reviews including structure and cost, supplier assessment and full procurement services


Scheme financial review and action planning


Internal engagement and strategy development.


Addressing scheme and customer debt



Keeping schemes legal and compliant

The Issues

Lack of awareness of regulatory obligations

No management system in place for reporting to ensure compliance

No forward planning for future legislation and regulation



Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Compliance check including metering, billing, tariffs and legislation


Preparing for upcoming compliance changes


Metering and billing review, specification and KPI setting, full procurement services


Portfolio reporting requirements


Reporting portfolio completion


Internal engagement


Health and safety reviews


Current and future legislation