Heat networks challenge the best of asset management and repairs and maintenance systems.


They require a deeper understanding of systems that are still the exception not the rule.


Chirpy can help you identify the problems with schemes and develop the long term solutions including specifying and procuring the right service providers and putting in place the monitoring and data that will ensure you remain fully informed and confident to act.


Why your system is not working and how this can be solved

The Issues

Frequent repairs

Unreliable service

Customer Complaints

System efficiency 

High running costs

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Plant room and system assessment


Overall scheme efficiency rating


Health and safety review

Pipework and HIU assessment


Full system checks and analysis


Scheme monitoring and data


Issue identification, action planning and option appraisal


Scheme assessment and upgrades


New build specification development, procurement and commissioning


Training & upskilling of current heating repairs contractors


Gets the system running smoothly for you and customers

The Issues

Metering and billing issues

High maintenance costs

High levels of call outs

Poor or non-existence data on the system

Issues with maintenance, metering and billing providers

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Metering and billing review, assessment and procurement


Tariff review and setting


Maintenance and repair provider reviews, standard and SLA setting plus procurement.


Full customer service delivering including customer communications, complaint process, communication materials


Regulation compliance assurance 

Internal engagement and communications