Creating happy customers with fewer complaints is about getting the heat network running well, getting the finances right and communicating well with customers.


For most customers the first time they have ever heard of a heat network is the day they move in to their home.


And this creates real challenges in communicating with customers to make sure that they are happy with their home, their heating and their hot water. 



Creating informed happy customers


The Issues

Customer complaints on range of issues

Customer do not understand how to get the best from their heating.

Late or inaccurate bills

High call out rates

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Customer service development and roll out


Customer complaint processes – review and development


Customer communication strategy, development of materials, customer engagement


New tenant and scheme communications materials

Call centre training



Charging the right amount in the right way for customers and schemes

The Issues

Scheme debt

Scheme not covering current running costs.

No funding for investments of upgrades

Tariffs do not reflect the real costs of he system.

Late or inaccurate bills

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Tariff review, setting and compliance


Metering and billing reviews including structure and cost, supplier assessment and full procurement services


Scheme financial review and action planning


Internal engagement and strategy development.


Addressing scheme and customer debt


Why your system is not working and how this can be solved

The Issues

Frequent repairs

Unreliable service

Customer Complaints

System efficiency 

High running costs

Chirpy Solutions and Services 

Plant room and system assessment


Overall scheme efficiency rating


Health and safety review

Pipework and HIU assessment


Full system checks and analysis


Scheme monitoring and data


Issue identification, action planning and option appraisal


Scheme assessment and upgrades


New build specification development, procurement and commissioning


Training & upskilling of current heating repairs contractors